Creating accessible information for customers on international data privacy and government access

The past week has brought key decisions on the status of cell site location data, the validity of the NSA’s metadata collection under section 215 of the Patriot Act, and the little matter of the USA FREEDOM Act.  To say it’s like drinking from the fire hose is an understatement.  Companies and users are rightly concerned about how to interpret these decisions, and how best to respond.  But (to continue an overworked metaphor), when it comes to finding information that is clear, accessible, and actually applies to companies and customers, it’s a bit of a case of water all around but not a drop to drink. 

This is a real problem for cloud-based companies with an international customer base; it is important to be able to address customer questions and concerns with clear, concise information.  It is in this context that I created information sheets on international government access to user data in the cloud for cloud-based document management and email management company, NetDocumentsThe first of these sheets explains the legal framework in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, and outlines NetDocuments’ policies and procedures to protect confidential client data.